Commercial Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Commercial Lawn and Garden Maintenance

We specialize in commercial lawn mowing and garden maintenance with clients throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

We currently provide services to over fifty commercial sites ranging in size from 1000 sqm up to 28,000 sqm of lawn, garden and public open space.

Olivers Lawn and Landscaping provide all aspects of lawn care and garden maintenance including:



Lawn Care:

 - Lawn Mowing
 - Edging
 - Whipper Snipping
 - Sweeping
 - Coring
 - Fertilizing
 - Wetta-soil Application
 - Spraying/Weed and Pest Control


Garden and Grounds Maintenance:

 - Hedging/Pruning
 - Under Pruning of established trees
 - Weed and Pest Identification and control in plants and shrubs
 - Mulching, application and turn-over.
 - Rubbish Removal
 - Reticulation maintenance
 - Wetta-soil Application


If you need any further information regarding commercial lawn and garden maintenance please contact us.