What is Coring and how is it performed?

Coring is aeration, practically speaking, coring is the process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and matt from the lawn. With this process we fracture the soil profile (crust) beneath the lawn.

Coring is performed by machines that have finger like tubes of approximately a ½" diameter and 4" in depth attached to them. The coring machines that we use are designed to go through very tough lawn and soil surfaces. An average lawn of 100sqm takes approximately 2 ½ hours to core with these machines as they move slowly to penetrate the lawn and soil layers below.

What are the benefits of coring?

Coring helps the lawns health, vigour, appearance and it reduces maintenance requirements.

The following are benefits of coring your lawn:
- Improved root growth in lawn
- Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
- Improved water intake into the soil
- Less water usage on the lawn
- Reduce water run-off
- Reduce soil compaction
- Enhances thatch breakdown in lawn
- Improves fertilizer uptake by the lawns root system


To help with drainage a light sanding (dusting) of the lawn may be required. This is done by spreading sand on the lawns surface, then brushing it into the core holes, filling the holes with sand best suited to the soils structure such as lawn mix (Gin Gin loam) is acceptable.

It is important that we use every drop of our two day allocated watering time. During the winter months reticulation systems are banned from use.


If you need any further information regarding coring please contact us.