Fertiliser is required to keep your lawns root system stimulated, this ensures a healthy lawn with excellent leaf growth. We recommend fertilising, at a minimum, three times a year. This helps to inhibit the growth of weeds by making sure that your lawn surface is thick enough not to allow weeds to germinate.

Lack of water during the summer months will result in a weak, open lawn that will need some care if it is to recover before the winter period. If left unchecked you may have a severe weed infestation during the winter months that will cause your lawn to be even thinner next summer.

Rather than overusing chemicals to control a weed infestation, increase the frequency of your mowing during the winter period. All it takes is an extra 2 to 3 mows to control the problem, often cheaper than spraying and more environmentally friendly.

If you need any further information regarding fertilising please contact us.

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